Agency Business Coaching

Only $500.00 / month

Weekly Agency Business Coaching sessions designed to help you achieve specific, tangible results using proven Coaching Concepts, Management Tools, Templates, Exercises, Models, & Modules – across all areas of your Agency.


Agency Business Coaching

There are 10 key foundation stones in any Agency and all of them are covered in this program. These are:

  • Time
  • Team
  • Money
  • Systems
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership/ Direction/Vision
  • Goal-Setting/Planning
  • …and the Emotional Strength that glues everything together.

In many Agencies, Goal-Setting and Planning for the ‘future’ are often overlooked, because the Agent/Owner is overwhelmed by the demands of ‘today’.

This program helps build rock solid foundations for future growth. Simply put, it shows you exactly how to gain control over your Agency (rather than vice versa).

This coaching program is adaptable to meet the needs of you, the format of the sessions normally include:

  1. Review of Your Goals from previous week’s Goals.
  2. Key Point Focus– a Coaching/Training module focusing on a specific topic (You can request specific topics for upcoming sessions to keep everything relevant and up to date)
  3. The Hot Seat/‘Ask the Expert’ Q&A, this is your opportunity to address any specific challenge either by submitting questions in advance or by engaging in a live Q&A. This invaluable ‘group learning’ enables you and everyone else to learn from each other’s questions, achievements and challenges.
  4. This week’s Goals and ‘homework’ assignments, confirmed by you in a personal Focus Sheet for the coming week

Every session is designed to achieve specific, tangible results using proven Coaching Concepts, Management Tools, Templates, Exercises, Models, & Modules.

Every week, you will learn something new and be shown how to implement it.

You will learn what you DON’T know… and be held Accountable for doing what you DO KNOW.

  • Weekly live Coaching sessions, providing the regularity and consistency required for sustainable results. You are never left alone to figure things out for yourself.
  • Live webinar format, providing the benefits of personal interaction with none of the extra cost and inconvenience associated with having to travel to attend meetings.
  • EVERYTHING is proven– with concepts and tools to allow you to learn exactly how to create and develop a more successful Agency.
  • Interactive online platform through which you receive the personal attention of a qualified Master Business Coach, recognized in the Top 1% of coaches worldwide.
  • A library of proprietary management tools, models, modules and templates that can be brought up quickly on screen to emphasize a key point or answer a question. This powerful learning tool is found nowhere else in the Coaching industry.
  • The proprietary Business Bullseye platform enables you to complete assignments, ask questions and develop your skills with personal interaction with your Coach between sessions.

Your coach, Anthony McGloin, has launched successful companies and ran a $50m Marketing company in the UK before qualifying as a Master Business Coach in 2004. With over 21,000 hours of Coaching and with a track record of helping Agents transform their agencies, in 2016 he was recognized in the top 1% of Business Coaches in the world.


Enrollment in Agency Business Coaching is ongoing. You can enroll at any time, and you can cancel your enrollment at any time by contacting You must be a Mastermind Group member in order to utilize the Agency Business Coaching program. Coaching takes place every Wednesday from 12:30-1:30p EST via Webinar and is $500 per month, per agent. This coaching is designed specifically for the Agent. If you are interested in sales training for your team, please contact Steve Wilner ( for more information about Outsourced Sales Management (‘Your World’® Team Training).

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