Project Description

Spot Check Alumni Coaching

Only agencies who have “completed” Super Squad or Infantry Training School will be allowed to participate. This “group” training is month to month, and you may cancel at any time. We will continue to build on the Life Insurance training your team has already received. We will focus on your real life cases and help you with those. We will then call on a different team member at random (Spot Check), give them an objection, and see if they can overcome it.

$297 / month | add to cart

Cancellation Policy:

As you know, we only allow a certain number of agents in our group coaching program. If you need to pause coaching for ANY reason, you may do so by contacting the Risk Advisor Institute at If you pause your coaching sessions, you may continue coaching where you left off whenever you are ready, in the class that is running at the time. Remember, all calls are recorded, and you will continue to have access to them at any time during your training.

Enrollment in coaching is a monthly commitment. We GUARANTEE that IF you attend every class with your team and IF everyone does the homework, at the end of coaching, you will “significantly increase” your life insurance production. If, at the end of coaching, you do not “significantly increase” life production we will refund your entire coaching investment. You may continue coaching with a brand new group where you left off, or start over at the beginning of a new group is needed one time.