Project Description

Accountability & Training Group Coaching

This “group” training meets every Thursday at 12p EST. Agencies are enrolled in Accountability & Training while going through Infantry Training School Group Coaching or Super Squad Alumni Coaching and for the 5 months following the completion of coaching. After those 5 months your enrollment in Accountability & Training continues on a month-to-month basis. On Accountability Thursdays your team members will continue to build on Life, Auto, and ‘Your World’® Training and will focus on real life cases that they need help with. These calls are to help team members work through challenges and road blocks they face when implementing the materials they have been taught in the coaching programs. The calls include objection handling and role playing. These training calls are not recorded and team members are required to have their cameras on during the calls.

$297 / month | add to cart

Cancellation Policy:

As you know, we only allow a certain number of agents in our group coaching programs. Enrollment in coaching is a 12 month commitment. If you need to pause coaching for ANY reason, you may do so by contacting the Risk Advisor Institute at If you pause your coaching sessions, your billing will continue each month until all 12 months are paid for (No Exceptions). You may continue coaching where you left off whenever you are ready, in the class that is running at the time or start over at the beginning of a new group. If you pause, and the 12 months of billing is complete, you will be charged $297/month for continued access to the Accountability & Training until you have completed 7 months of Coaching and 5 months of Accountability & Training.