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This  program is for both agents and team members and is unlike any training you have attended before. We guarantee you will come away confident, empowered, and chomping at the bit to uncover needs with the ‘Your World’® Conversation, and make more sales.

Registration is per agency for pre-scheduled Boot Camps only. 


Please indicate the date of the Boot Camp you attending, how many people from your agency will be attending, and your cell phone number upon registration. 

Boot Camp registration is FREE + travel expenses. Hosting Agent will divide Travel Expenses by the number of agencies following the Boot Camp and invoice each agent. Minimum number of agents for a Boot Camp is 15. 


Steve is a former State Farm team member. This allows him to relate well to other team members. Steve’s military style of leading a class is enjoyable, educational and sure to keep you on your toes. A great environment for learning for both agent and team. Steve provides great word tracks that allows participants to immediately put his practices into play. Steve speaks directly to the team about the impact of order taking and not doing their job. His in-your-face approach, doesn’t allow anyone to get off the hook. He has great passion for making sure our customers are taken care of. -Jeff Burtis: 4 time Trophy Club, Multiple MDRT & Exotic Traveler, State Farm agent

Steve’s bootcamp is the best I’ve attended in my 14 year career. It is jam packed with sales ideas and accountability tactics that can  be implemented in any office. If you are looking to improve and take your office to the next  level…look no further. In fact, I recently fired my sales coach before we had our first visit so I could hire Steve to coach my team.  Karen Michaels: 2 time Multiple Line President’s Club agent, multiple MDRT & Exotic Traveler, State Farm agent
I attended Steve’s bootcamp… and I was blown away. Easy to use concepts. Great process for  discovery. Compliments other training I’ve put my team thru… so I was sold. We then pulled 50 agents and team members  together for a second bootcamp and everyone loved it. We have already begun using the “Your World” concepts and have had tremendous success. What’s exciting to me is that ALL of my team members are eager to have these “Your World” conversations with our clients which is incredibly encouraging to me. If you have the opportunity to attend or put together a bootcamp in your area for agents and team members… I highly recommend it. For the cost… I don’t believe the content can be beaten.  -Scott Garvey: President’s Club 12 times, Fire Line Leader, State Farm agent
The best part about Steve’s bootcamp is that he brings vast credibility. It’s not theory or speculation. As a former team member he has sat in their seats and had tremendous success. His methods and word  tracks compel the customer to take a  genuine look at themselves and their family when discussing life insurance. He is bold, straightforward & unforgiving of team  member’s excuses of why it can’t be done. If his methods are implemented, your team will undoubtedly close more life sales. It’s absolutely worth the investment!-Scott Cameron: 3 time Bank Line Leader, Lifetime President’s Club, Golden Triangle, Exotic Traveler, State Farm agent
Steve’s bootcamp is the best investment I’ve made for me and my team. We are having better conversations, getting better results and helping our customers more.  -Luis Peters , State Farm agent
My team has used Steve for the past couple of months. It’s a game changer. Thanks for all you do to protect people Steve!!  -TJ Tingley , State Farm agent
Steve’s bootcamp & coaching has transformed our sales process and increased our financial service sales. Steve is a Master! His word tracks are GOLD! Highly Recommended! -Suzanne Bodlovic, State Farm agent
The first day after boot camp, one TM quoted a 2million policy to someone without batting an eye! Another TM was babysitting kids. When the parents got ready to pay her. She said, instead of paying me, let me have a Your World conversation with you.  The family purchased (paid in full) a $150,000 10 pay on each of their 4 children.  Another TM wrote (2) 20 pays ($100K and $50K) and (2) short term DI policies AND received (8) referrals. In total since the bootcamp last month my office has written 14 life policies, 3 health (not many, but since we had written 1 all year, I consider this HUGE). Thank you for sharing with us Steve. -Lori Watkins, State Farm agent
Steve’s boot camp was a great experience for my team and I. On the way back to the office we discussed how we would implement the “your  world” conversation in our office. We committed to each other that we would work the process that Steve taught us. First day after the bootcamp I had a financial services appointment. The clients talked and we listened, asked questions and found out what was important to them. The end result was nothing short of Amazing! Not to mention that we actually felt like real risk advisors instead of policy sellers. Bottom line: $250,000 10 pay life and $750,000 twenty year term on the daughter. Two very well-funded 529 plans for the kids. Discussed HSA for our client and will have a second meeting. Amazing! -Tom Ledwidge, State Farm agent
Steve, the feedback on your bootcamp was fantastic. “Best State Farm training ever” said one team member.  Her agent quickly let her know it WASN’T a State Farm training.  Heard it from no less than 4 agents it was the BEST TRAINING of their careers. Great job today. We’re working on getting you down here again. -Steve Myers, State Farm agent 
Hey Steve.  Since your bootcamp, this is the third consecutive month now that the office has beat the previous months total sales by middle of the current month.  We just keep making incremental changes and training the team. Raw new sales are now about 50% sourced from referrals and continuing to increase.  Still so much opportunity to improve and getting after it.  Very appreciative of the time spent at the boot camp.  No whining here….​-Gary Berkowitz, State Farm agent
At Steve’s bootcamp, I purchased the War Room Binder. The content is nothing short of excellence. We use the material for training and reference. After his bootcamp we wrote 23 life apps that month and 53 in the following month. We have 219 issued so far and we have reached Exotic travel. We have a great shot at Presidents’ Club life. We are thankful for the “shot in the arm” Steve provided in his boot camp and we will continue to utilize his methods. He’s the absolute best!!              -Mallory Swinson, State Farm agent
The bootcamp yesterday was phenomenal!  In my nearly 9 years with State Farm, I’ve attended and tried everything under the sun.  Either I didn’t stick with it or it appeared to be overwhelming to incorporate.  In the last week, I am recharged and committed to doing things differently. I am SUPER excited this was brought into my world.  Simplistic and easy to execute.  Thank you! Lastly, I love to see people operating in their PASSION AND PURPOSE…you are definitely in your lane.  I am glad you are using your God given gifts in an impactful way. May your territory and influence continue to increase.Bruce Adorian, State Farm agent 
I recently attended the Bootcamp class held by Steve Wilmer. Steve told us this would be a high energy class, packed with loads of information and  coming at us in a rapid pace….he was right! We learned how to develop common ground with customers and get the life insurance conversation started.  From there we learned how to uncover the need and have the customer embrace the solution to their needs.  One of the best parts was when we role played how to overcome objections! Steve’s background is most impressive, including his success in selling Life Insurance at a high level.  I would highly recommend Steve to any agent or team members involved in Sales.Sarah Atkinson, State Farm agent
Steve, going to your bootcamp was absolutely ahhhhhh-mazing!!! I told Scott (my boss) that this was by far the best, most incredible training I’ve EVER been to. Your enthusiasm, your outlook, your power, your presentation, your attitude, your courage, your fear–your everything–was very motivational. I couldn’t wait to get back to the office to start practicing and role playing. Not only to better myself, but our agency as a whole. We’ve worked on and talked about different things to try, but I really think your way is GOLD! Monday morning is “go-time” for us after attending your class. We are so pumped! We’ve been texting about it and just can’t wait. Thank you!!!-Kaleisha Scott, Allstate Team Member
Steve, you did a fantastic job on the presentation and motivation this past week. The Your World conversation is a definite game changer. We started last year off slowly, but after implementing the Your World process, we finished by hitting all of our goals…Chairman’s Circle, SVP & Level 3 Travel. Craig Duncan, State Farm Agent​
Wow Steve, you knocked it out of the park yesterday! Amazing! Such a great meeting. I got so much positive feedback from team members and from agents. Thank you so much. -Kim Lego, State Farm agent
Hi Steve. I just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job you did today. You were awesome! Very engaging. You made everyone want to listen carefully to your message and you held their attention. -Katherine Jones, State Farm Agent
Steve, your bootcamp was amazing! It was knowledgeable, passionate, motivational & funny. You resonate with team members because of where you’ve been and all that you’ve achieved. -Tony Lopez, State Farm Agent 
Steve, I can share with you right off that your presentation was the most impactful of any that I have had at any planning meeting in 25 YEARS. The fact that you’ve met with customers for 8 years is extremely powerful. It removes excuses and opens team members mind to the possibilities and opportunities to help the customer.  You have a true passion for what you do and it shows. We are already having success using the Your World conversation.  -Maria Maranda, State Farm Agent
I am an Allstate Sales Instructor and I attended Steve’s bootcamp. Steve Wilmer is AWESOME and an OUTSTANDING presenter.  I was floored with how much I enjoyed the presentation. I knew that I already liked the concept of Your World and how much it will assist agents, but I didn’t expect to receive such an exciting presentation.  He made it informative and FUN at the same time.  He kept everybody engaged.  When the break came, I couldn’t believe that 1.5 hrs had passed already.  And the information is brilliant.  Keep up the good work, and know that I appreciated today’s session.   -Pat Smith, Allstate Sales Instructor​
Steve, I got so much out of the bootcamp yesterday. Even though I have been doing the “Your World” conversations, I was able to pick up on things that I was doing completely wrong. I came back to the office and we scrimmaged this morning with the team. I used what I learned yesterday and everyone was impressed. Changing the way I think and what I say is key! Follow me and asking questions vs. trying to convince is the biggest take away that I had. Thank you again for the opportunity to listen and train with you!!-Stephanie Slack, State Farm Team member
Steve, thank you again for coming to Greenville and doing a bootcamp. I cannot imagine how anyone attending could not have come away with such a positive sense of how well this program can work. Your positive vibe and true feelings that this is in  our and our customers best interest, makes the effort seem less of a climb.I for one see true value in the money that we spent for my attendance. Hands on training is just something we do not get, so again, this was money well spent.Thank you again and I look forward to our next conversation-David Cook, Allstate agent
Steve, I can’t say enough about how well your Bootcamp went!  You totally energized and inspired my team with your scrimmaging, having all of us participate in different parts of the Your World conversation.You pointed out ways to delve deeper with our customers in a very natural way, particularly with the disability piece.  Your illustration was priceless!  The impact on the team was enormous, and the learning experience you gave with your feedback was priceless!  You went through the YW with two of my team members, who volunteered, and rated them in such a constructive way.  We all took away several new ideas and as a result are making some changes in our word tracks.  Your process of getting those introductions is so natural, and the word tracks you gave us will work.   -Lois Kennedy, State Farm agent                                                                                                                                
Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I am KILLING it up here in Oregon! Thank you for your wonderful tips and training. I’ve submitted 21 life apps over the last two months. I used your word tracks and I’ve been going to town on credit cards too. Thank You! -Tiffany Curren, State Farm team member
I recently read two books, “Supercharge Your Multi-line Agency” and “Nobody Cares…Work Harder” by Steve Wilmer. I was so taken by what I read that I ordered the first book for each of my agents and spoke with Steve about introducing the book to them at our Kick-Off yesterday. He was phenomenal. He brought energy, confidence, engagement and authenticity to his presentation. His former experience in the Marine Corp, Law Enforcement and as a Leading Producer with State Farm brought him instant credibility with my team. We are bringing him back to do a Life Insurance bootcamp for my agents. Laine Wooden, District Manager Alfa Insurance
Steve, I want to thank you for the knowledge and inspiration. Your bootcamp in Syracuse changed my life. I was a top performer in New York state for life insurance.  I received a corporate letter of achievement and I am going to a conference for top life insurance performers. Today I sold my first million-dollar life policy.-Ashley Hardt, State Farm team member
Steve, I just wanted to let you know that my agency is one of the top agencies in our region for life policies issued. We have issued more policies than number 2, 3 & 4 combined. Thank you for doing what you do.-Michael Hass, Allstate agent
Steve, I’ve been an Allstate agent since 2007 and have attended many training seminars addressing financial services. I have to say that your bootcamp and unique message is one of the best I’ve heard. I’m very excited to take this new information back to my agency and believe it will set us apart as trusted advisors.-Mike Jankovsky, Allstate agent​

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