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Self-Study Program for You and Your Team

Monthly Enrollment

$97 / month | Add To Cart

Yearly Enrollment *Save $194

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When you master our concepts and become a trusted risk advisor:

  • Customers will thank you
  • They will rarely ever leave you
  • They will buy more from you, and
  • They will tell their friends about you

Our Self-Study program has everything you and your team need to become a trusted risk advisor and close more sales. All training materials are available on-demand from your smart phone or computer.

Our Video Training Library and Self-Study coursing includes step-by-step instruction on:

  • The ‘Your World’® Conversation
  • The Life Conversation
  • The Paycheck Conversation
  • The Retirement Conversation
  • Appointment setting
  • How to get more referrals, and
  • How to overcome every insurance objection

Everything you need to implement
‘Your World’ and the Agency Growth Secrets in your agency!


Receive a FREE Agency Transformation Package: Supercharge Your Multi-Line Agency Book,
Audio CD Set, DVD, ‘Your World’® Desktop Sign, Risk Advisor Pocket Guide, and Muscle man; for FREE
a $197 value.

PLUS receive a Free one-on-one Onboarding Call with Bill Whitey
(Risk Advisor Institute founder), a $240 value when you enroll in the Self-Study program!

With your subscription to the Self-Study program, you will have all the word tracks, stories, and strategies from top agents, new agents, seasoned agents, and their team members at your fingertips in the Ideas and Inspiration monthly podcast, the Video Training Library, Steve Speaks On Demand Motivational Videos, and more (available on the Membership Website Resource Center and Risk Advisor Mastermind Group App). Additionally, you and your team will have access to the Digital ‘Your World’® Software exclusive to members only on the Resource Center. This software goes through the ‘Your World’® Conversation on the computer, providing the word tracks for each step of the process and providing spaces for you to input your customer’s responses. It then produces a ‘Your World’® Diagram for you to save and share with your customers.

Each month you and your team can dial into a Monthly Hot Topic Meeting for subscribers only for training, discussion, and role play. This call occurs on ZOOM the second Tuesday of each month at 12pm EST. Meetings are recorded and added to the App and Resource Center in case you miss it.

As a Self-Study subscriber, you’ll be sent the link to schedule an Onboarding Call with Bill Whitley. Together you and Bill Whitley will discuss your goals, challenges, and how to best use the Self-Study materials to take your agency to the next level!

From there, Bill will help you schedule an ‘Your World’® Assessment call with Steve Wilmer, President or Tim Harrington, Director of Training. This call is for you and your entire team. One team member will go through the ‘Your World’® Conversation and Steve or Tim will provide feedback and next steps for you and your team as you move forward.

Remember: “None of us is as smart as all of us” ~ Ken Blanchard.

It takes collaboration, exchanging ideas, offering ideas, and sharing stories to grow and learn from each other in a way that no single person could do on their own. Self-Study is the place to find that collection of the best ideas. It is the fuel to help you drive your agency to the top.

Monthly Enrollment

$97 / month | Add To Cart

Yearly Enrollment *Save $194

$970 / year | Add To Cart

Self-Study Cancellation Policy: Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Enrollment is on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel or change your enrollment level at any time by contacting Beth Harwell at