Private Coaching

If you want to take the steps to fully transition your team, achieve your wildly important goals, and achieve lasting change in your agency, then act now! Private Coaching is a 12 month program. You and your agency will work one-on-one with your coach(es) twice per month + attend Accountability & Training Classes. Your coach will cover Life, Auto, and ‘Your World’®, but Private Coaching is designed to focus on your agency’s specific needs and challenges, rather than following the curriculum step-by-step. Your team will also have access to the Resource Center and weekly Accountability and Training Group classes for the full 12 months.

Cancellation Policy:

As you know, we only allow a certain number of agents in our Private Coaching program. Enrollment in coaching is a 12 month commitment. If you need to pause coaching for ANY reason, you may do so by contacting the Risk Advisor Institute at If you pause your coaching sessions, your billing will continue each month until all 12 months are paid for (No Exceptions). You may continue coaching where you left off whenever you are ready. If you pause, and the 12 months of billing is complete, you will be charged $300/month for continued access to the Resource Center and Accountability & Training until you have completed the full 12 months of the Private Coaching program.