“Fab Five” Postcards

Pre-printed cards to hard to your customers when asking for Introductions after a ‘Your World’ Conversation. After conducting the ‘Your World’ Conversation, most of the time, you should hear your customers say, “Thank you, I’ve never had anyone make insurance that easy to understand before. Can I have a copy of that diagram?” When you hear, “Thank you,” make sure you gain introductions by saying, “Was this helpful?” (“Yes.”) “Great!

This is my favorite part of my job. I have a huge favor. I want to build my agency with people just like you.” Pull out a Fab Five Postcard, and say, “I’m going to go make a copy of this diagram. While I’m gone, if you could get the names of 3 people just like you that would enjoy this the way you did, it would be a huge favor for me. I’ll be right back.” Available in packs of 100.

Only $40 per pack
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